Kale with mettwurst


One head of kale
Onions 150 g
A little oil
Vegetable stock 1 l
Bay leaf 1
Cloves 2
Allspice corns 5
Kassler 500 g
Karrots 250 g
Potatoes 400 g
Mettwursts 6


The following serves four:

  1. Wash the kale and cut off the stalk.
  2. Cut the thick leaf veins from the individual leaves so that you have approx. 500 g of kale.
  3. Cut the leaves into strips and blanch them quickly and evenly in boiling salted water.
  4. Then remove and plunge into iced water, then drain.
  5. Peel and halve 150 g of onions, then cut into thin slices. Sweat the onions in a heated pot with a little oil.
  6. Bring 1 l vegetable stock to the boil with 1 bay leaf, 2 cloves and 5 allspice corns.
  7. Add 500 g Kassler and the kale. Bring back to the boil, cover and simmer for approx. 1 hour.
  8. In the meantime, peel 250 g carrots and 400 g potatoes. Cut the carrots into thin slices and the potatoes into cubes of about 2 cm.
  9. After approx. 25 minutes of cooking time, add the carrots, potatoes and 6 mettwursts.
  10. Then remove the Kassler and mettwursts and cut them into small pieces. Add both back to the soup.
  11. Season to taste with salt and pepper, plate and serve.
  12. Together with a chilled Jever, of course. Bon appétit!